Let's Talk About Gold

Let's Talk About Gold 

 Shopping for gold jewelry is confusing so we'll break it down for you!

24K vs. 18K vs. 14K

Gold, in its purest form is too soft & malleable to be made into jewelry by itself. Therefore, many gold jewelry is alloyed with other metals to give it strength & durability. The most distinct differences between these are the colors.

  • 24K gold has more of an intense yellow color.
  • 18K gold is a softer yellow with a deep golden tone.
  • 14K gold tends to have a hint of rose color to them. 


At Luxeada, all of our gold jewelry is layered with real gold. We frequently use 24K & 18K and sometimes 14K gold. The thickness of the gold layer differs from gold plated to gold filled. 

To give it more durability & strength, our gold jewelry is usually comprised of a strong base metal. It is then either plated with gold or layered multiple times for a thick gold layer. Gold plated, vermeil, & filled are much more affordable & you get similar benefits as solid gold jewelry!